Adam, Dylan, & Simon.

The Brothers Streep (aka Dylan and Simon) from South Africa talk to Aussie Adam Vincent as part of ‘The Skinnys’ August 2010 Issue.

Dylan: I’ve been watching a lot of Summer Heights High. Did you also think Ja’mie was hot until you found out she was played by the actor Chris Lilley?

Adam: I still do Dylan… I still do… and that just shows you what a great actor Chris Lilley is.

Simon: I watched Australia play Germany in the FIFA World Cup here in South Africa. Your team fell over a lot. Do you fall over a lot?

A: All the time. In fact, when I can afford it I’d like to hire my own referee just to follow me around and give me free kicks… Like the other day at the supermarket I fell over a pyramid of tinned pineapple, very embarrassing, but had I gone on to slot a ball down aisle nine- instant hero.

D: Adam Vincent, are you related to my family doctor, Doctor Vincent?

A: Yes I am and he’s one of your biggest supporters. It would be easy to think of him as just your doctor but next time the curtains are drawn and he’s examining you, know that he’s quite the fan.

S: This is our first show out of South Africa, have you played out of Australia before? New Zealand doesn’t count.

A: Yes I’ve played in the UK and America. It sounds great but the reality is I cried a lot and spent too much money.

S: A lot of your publicity shots have you standing with a fish on a stick. What would you do if the fish decides to pursue a solo career?

A: Yeah I get this one a lot. Look Graham and I have and understanding. He’s a dead fish and I drive a car, there will be no solo career… the end.

D: That guy from Avatar is from Australia. I saw Avatar in 3D. Will your show be in 3D

A: Actually due to the high cost of doing a show in Edinburgh my show will only be coming to audiences in 2D this year. No Removing the fourth wall I’m afraid.

S: What is your show going to be called, and what can we expect? Will there be a didgeridoo involved?

A: My show is called Vital Signs, no didgeridoos but I often pop out some mouth trumpet. I can’t help it, when it feels right it feels right. Expect? The Unexpected! Really, not many people seem to know what’s going to happen next.

D: Do you find Australian comic sensibilities to be similar to those of the British?

A: Yes, but different techniques. Often Australian acts sound like chainsaws, full of bluff and banter- you’re forced to laugh. British acts… you’re forced to laugh but for different reasons. You know if you don’t laugh they might hide in a cupboard for a while and nobody wants that.

S: What acts are you looking the most forward to seeing in Edinburgh?

A: Brendon Burns’ show looks interesting. Kitson, and I’m really looking forward to that unknown act who hands me an intriguing flyer… and The Brothers Streep.

S: Neighbours or Home & Away?

A: Neighbours. Home & Away makes me feel like a sexual deviant… All those adult actresses in school uniforms. It’s unjust. They are adults right?

D: Or Prisoner Cell Block H?

A: Prisoner all the way. I like my prison bitches hardnosed.

The Brothers Streep, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 6.15 PM, 6-29 August (Not 16th)

Adam Vincent: Vital Signs, 6.45PM, Assembly@ Assembly Hall, 5-29 August (Not 16th)

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