EdCom 2017

Best Of Edinburgh Showcase Show 2017 returns for the popular lunchtime show  – buy tickets here.

Show start time 1.20pm (1hr).   Performances run August 3 – 27th in the Pleasance Courtyard Cabaret Bar.          SEE BELOW FOR DAILY SHOW LISTINGS UPDATES


Showcase Show line-ups so far**

Thursday 3rd – Geoff Norcott, John Hastings, Bec Hill, Edd Hedges, Jack Barry

Friday 4th – Ross & Josh, Alasdair Beckett-King, Maff Brown, Danny Ward, Dan Antopolski

Saturday 5th – Jarlath Regan, Jenny Bede, Fin Taylor, Tez Ilyas, Caroline Maybe

Sunday 6th – Jo Caulfield, Eleanor Tiernan, Mark Simmons, Matt Richardson, Ian Smith

Monday 7th – Peter Johansson, Dane Baptiste, Chris Kent, Jessica Fostekew, Gordon Southern

Tuesday 8th – Leo Kearse, Erich McElroy, JoJo Smith, Rhys James, Jimmy McGhie

Wednesday 9th – Mandy Knight, Matt Richardson, Chris Martin, Andrew Ryan, Markus Birdman

Thursday 10th – Andrew O’Neill, Sally Anne Hayward, Maff Brown, Paul Sinha, Larry Dean

Friday 11th – Evelyn Mok, Danny Ward, Dan Antopolski, Pete Johansson, Rich Wilson

Saturday 12th – John Hastings, Carmen Lynch, Carl Donnelly, Pippa Evans, Christian Reilly

Sunday 13th – Bec Hill, Carey Marx, Jo Caulfield, Jonny Pelham, Carl Hutchinson

Monday 14th – Mark Simmons, Gordon Southern, Stephen Carlin, act tbc, act tbc

Tuesday 15th – Stuart Mitchell, Danny Ward, Geoff Norcott, act tbc, act tbc

Wednesday 16th – Rich Wilson, Caroline Maybe,  Jimmy McGhie, Sally-Anne Hayward, act tbc

Thursday 17th – Ben Fogg, Jarlath Regan, Alasdair Beckett-King, Paul Sinha, Ban van der Velde

Friday 18th – Eleanor Tiernan, Andrew O’Neill, Christian Reilly, Ed Night, Matt Richardson

Saturday 19th – Addy Van der Bhorg, Jessica Fostekew, Ian Smith, Markus Birdman, act tbc

Sunday 20th – Mandy Knight, Larry Dean, Jo Caulfield, Mark Simmons, act tbc

Monday 21st – Chris Martin, Pippa Evans, Yianni Agisilou, Gary Delaney, act tbc

Tuesday 22nd – Chris Kent, Ian Smith, Helen Duff, Gary Delaney, Chris Betts

Wednesday 23rd –  Addy Van der Bhorg, Matt Richardson, Geoff Norcott, act tbc, act tbc

Thursday 24th –

Friday 25th –

Saturday 26th –

Sunday 27th –

** (please note these line ups are subject to change – amendments will be updated asap, but the line-ups can be fluid up until the day of the show as artist diary commitments get changed)