Comedians Eye View; Aidan & Des Bishop

Ever wondered what comedians would like to be asked? Well, ‘The Skinny’ figured that the best person to answer that would be a comedian. So this year’s Fringe coverage sees comics interviewing comics, giving you a double dose of joy into the bargain.

Aidan & Des

In the first, Des Bishop questions his wee brother Aidan

Des: Do you think family members should divide up their shared experiences between each other for material, or just fall out when they both end up storming with the same anecdotes?

Aidan: When family members do comedy I think there is always a chance that they might come up with similar ideas or narratives. But they never should fall out- no matter what! Family comes before comedy… That’s a great idea about dividing up shared experiences… You know that joke you do about mom- well I am using that. Thanks.

D: I left home when you were 10 and spent 13 years working hard in Ireland so you would have a place to do warm up shows for Edinburgh. Are you grateful for that?

A: Well that depends on how well I do. If I do well then I will be grateful. If I don’t, then I can blame you. I can blame you for all the hours I spent doing promotions to help build the club up to 5 shows every week- where I could be using that time improving my comedy- or the hours I spent renovating your two houses..

D: The ladies love you. Do you think a show about you and the ladies increases your chances of meeting women during the festival?

A: Definitely not. I think you need to have a good show if you want to increase your chances. I think this year’s show is better, so I am excited. I am bringing extra condoms.

D: Mom or Dad?

A: I will give the same answer mom and dad give when they get asked who is their favourite son. ‘I love them all the same’. But I know I am their favourite, they told me last week.

D: Me or Mike? (our brother)

A: Depends on how well I do in Edinburgh. If I do well, then definitely you and if not, then definitely Mike.

D: There are now at least four Bishops working regularly in British and Irish comedy. Can you stand out amongst these legends?

A: I don’t know- it’s a very elite club. But there is no pressure because I am adopted- that’s what you told me my whole life.

D: Well, John Bishop does look more like you than me.

A: Yes he does. People say that to me all the time. I think, if you look back at our family tree, we do share some ancestors. We’re family! Like I said, family comes before comedy. So when John gets his big Hollywood break, I can play his brother in a movie.

D: Your Dad has lung cancer, your Mom had breast cancer and your brother had testicular cancer. Do you feel left out?

A: Yes Des I do! But I am working on it. I’m taking up smoking and going to sun beds. I also have been hanging out at the local nuclear waste dump. I love the smell of toxic waste in the morning!

Des & Aidan

What Des said back to Aidan

Aidan: You just did the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival… You were on a Gale with Pamela Anderson. You’re so lucky- what was that like?

Des: Well, it’s the first time I have met a woman who I may have once shared experiences with that she was not aware we have shared together.

A: What do you find to be the most annoying thing on the planet? Is it when someone chews too loudly?

D: It’s amazing how loud chewing is person specific in terms of annoyance. The only thing that can top is the added sound of breathing through the nose while chewing Crunchy Nut cornflakes loudly.

A: Do you find it annoying when your brother asks you a question and then answers it for you?

D: Only when they answer it in the form of another question, but I guess that was from watching so much Jeopardy as kids.

A: Did you find when growing up, your younger brothers did things to annoy you just to wind you up?

D: Well, their birth was the biggest wind up of all. I got all the attention before you guys came.

A: You eat a lot of cereal- what’s your favourite?

D:Probably Coco Pops. But only after a great gig. It’s as close as a recovering alcoholic gets to decadence.

A: When was the last time you cooked yourself dinner?

D: Excluding barbecues, I cannot recall. But I try to balance it out by going to pick up the ordered food rather than get it delivered.

A: Your show is called My Dad Was Nearly James Bond. Do you think we would have existed if he had got the part?

D:I am not an expert at genetics, but I assume that our mother has something to do with the random events that create us specifically. But I would say if we did exist I would be on heroin because you are never going to be anything other than the son of James Bond with no gadgets.

A: You’ve been coming to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival for a few years now, what do you look forward to doing the most when you get there?

D: Sitting outside a cafe on Broughton Street listening to you worrying about reviews.

A: Last year you did a show about intimacy. I saw that show, it was brilliant. It made me think about my own issues with intimacy. So I just want to say I love you. Because I probably won’t be able to say to you in person! I don’t think that is a question. I look forward to hanging out in August.

D: That’s very Eminem of you, dog.

Aidan Bishop- Adaptable, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 10.15 PM 4-29 August (not 16th)

Des Bishop- My Dad Was Nearly James Bond, Assembly@George St, 8.05PM, 5-29 August (not 16th or 23rd)

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