Jennifer Coolidge ‘Yours For The Night’ ****

A very flattering four star review of Jennifer Coolidge’s new show from Edinburgh’s ‘ScotsGay Magazine’.
Jennifer Coolidge – Yours For The Night

An hour of stand-up with film’s hottest mamma, the woman many of us will know as Stiffler’s Mom.  This lady sure has star quality, as she regales us with LA anecdotes in her sarcastic, sassy and self-deprecating drawl. One can clearly see why this sexy lady is desperate to escape LA – she’s too real!

This isn’t the name-dropping celeb-sabotage I thought it would be. Coolidge does challenge the fakery of Hollywood, and also reveals a lot about herself in a candid and shameless stream of revelations. Cocaine, rehab, why she always goes for ‘weird best friend roles’ and her relationship woes.

My favourite nuggest from this hour that went by far too quickly was Coolidge’s musing on how you can tell a straight man directed Broke Back Mountain. ‘they had the ass-lovin’ scene right after the bean-eating scene!’ she wails incredulously.

Coolidge is stunning, very funny and brutally honest.  The start was a bit slow but I reckon that was down to first-week nerves – with further performance this show will be 5-star.

Jodie Fleming-Stanley

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