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Hannah Gadsby is having a Very Good Day!

Hannah Gadsby has received TWO 5 Star reviews today!

Her art lecture Mary. Contrary. got ***** from Chortle, although she did the last one yesterday so you’ve missed your chance to see it!

But Hannah’s stand-up show Mrs Chuckles got ***** from Three Weeks and you can catch her last two performances tomorrow and monday!

Hannah Gadsby: Mary. Contrary.
Live Review
Hannah Gadsby: Mary. Contrary rated 5/5
I so hope this is an early preview for next year! This show made me laugh harder and more than anything else I’ve seen this Fringe and I came out feeling at least temporarily better educated than when I’d gone in, there were also gales of laughter from everyone else, delighted to have an unusual subject on offer.This is a lightning-fast history of art lecture on the religious iconography of the Virgin Mary in Western Art, richly illustrated with images from all over. Doesn’t sound like a scream, but Gadsby’s ironic wit, light touch and masterful grasp of her subject had the audience guffawing away.This wasn’t any smug, self-congratulatory sniggering in a QI way, but proper snorting, belly laughs. The Ascent Of Christ provided a particularly rich seam of hilarity. Be assured, if necessary, this isn’t disrespectful to cherished beliefs, it’s not sneering in any way about religion, but there is a lot of humour to be had from the examination of the visual interpretations of the sustaining myths of Christianity, as well as the revelations about the artists, society and economy driving the production of the works.

As well as being entertaining and informative, this is by definition an absolutely beautiful show, with hundreds of richly gorgeous images on which to feast your eyes. There was audible disappointment when Gadsby finished, we would all have stayed another hour without hesitation.

With just five performances this Fringe to run it in, this should definitely come back next year. If you’ve seen it, you’ll want to see it again, and if you haven’t, it’s an absolute treat of a show.

Review by Julia Chamberlain

Date of live review: Saturday 27th Aug, ’11

Hannah Gadsby – Mrs Chuckles

EdCom And Dick The Horse

I am in love. Who would have thought that someone so casual and relaxed could be so side-achingly hilarious? As Hannah talked about her love of biscuits, her inability to contribute to conversations in social situations, and what she wants her final words to be, everyone in the audience was in hysterics. Hidden talents such as an uncanny Donald Duck impersonation and the ‘throat fart’ only made the audience fall that little bit more in love with her, while stories from her trips to Vietnam and acceptance of her own sexuality were delivered with exceptional comic timing. This show is so good, it should come with a hazard warning because you may actually laugh your arse off.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 3 – 29 Aug (not 15), 4.45pm (5.45pm), £8.00 – £12.00, fpp86.
tw rating 5/5

Hannah Gadsby is piling up the **** reviews with another one from The List!

Hannah Gadsby – Mrs Chuckles

Hannah Gadsby - Mrs Chuckles

A mistress of the subtle one-liner

Having been talked into doing a bungee jump, Gadsby now knows what her deathbed words will be and they’re a disappointment. Armed with tea and biscuits, Mrs Chuckles is exquisitely delivered. A mistress of the subtle one-liner, she credits the crowd with the intelligence to make the right connections.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 29 Aug, 4.45pm, £10–£12 (£8–£10).


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Or Buy tickets to Hannah’s hilarious Art Lecture on the Virgin Mary, Mary. Contrary. Here

Hannah Gadsby – Mrs Chuckles ***** Metro

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hannah Gadsby – Mrs Chuckles *****

‘A lot of comedians like to hit you with 100 per cent from the start. Not me. I’m more like 60 per cent… maybe less,’ smiles Australian stand-up Hannah Gadsby as she casually pours herself a cup of tea and hands round a small plate of biscuits.

It’s a deliciously casual start to a lackadaisical show that belies her biting, razor-sharp wit. When the recipient of the hot brew says ‘thank you’, Gadsby smiles back approvingly and coos ‘Oooh manners.’

With serendipitous, split-second timing, a small group of latecomers shuffle in noisily at the back of the room and without hesitation, she deadpans, ‘No manners.’

Underestimate her at your peril. Gadsby exudes an air of indifference as she relives moments from her high school days when gossip became gospel, and then promotes her Tasmanian hometown and its two bona fide tourists attractions: Cape Grim and Dismal Swamp.  Recollections of her cycling expedition through Vietnam and her first (and only) bungee jump are acutely observed and she mercilessly poles fun at her inability to strike up a conversation with a girl she fancies.

‘I think it’s better to make impression than a bad impression,’ she confides, ironically making a huge impression on us. Gadsby does have three special talents, which eased her path through high school, and she gladly shares them with the group to cacophonous laughter. “I’m not building to a big finish in life or in this show,’ she concludes and true to her word, she ambles off the stage in the same casual manner in which she arrived. It’s the perfect way to close an understated yet hilarious hour.

Damon Smith

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