Maff Brown chats to STV

Skirting the Fringe: Maff Brown gets ready to stage Parade of This


The writer of Shooting Stars and Mock the Week is bringing his sketch show to Edinburgh next month. Expect some quick-fire gags, fuelled by the odd kebab or two…

Hello, what’s your name, and what on earth are you going to be doing in Edinburgh this August?

Maff Brown, and I will be doing my sketch show called Parade of Thisat the Gilded Balloon, 5:45pm

Tell us more about your show…

It’s a sketch show from me, a writer of Shooting Stars and Mock the Week, and directed by Marek Larwood. What to expect? Quick-fire gags with a smidgen of surreal and a soupcon of brilliance.

If you’re doing a marathon Fringe run, how are you preparing for your marathon Fringe run?

Losing some weight in order to not look huge in one of the suits that I have to wear in a few of the sketches!

Food and/or drink – what do you take to keep you going through the madness?

As many kebabs as I can fit in. Mainly one a day. Booze also helps but I am going to try to stay off it for as long as possible this year! So green tea for me.

London’s taken some of the hype with the Olympics this year – what do you think is the best way for Edinburgh to grab it back?

A William Wallace-style rousing talk from the festival organisers. “You can take our punters, but you’ll never take our fun”. Something along those lines.

What’s your favourite part of the Edinburgh festivals?

For us comedians it’s a bit like a month-long school reunion. We don’t really get to see each other that much as we are work at the same time. So it’s great to be able to walk into Mother of India for a curry and pretty much know everyone in there.

Plus performing the show this year is going to be so much fun as it’s the best show I have put together and can’t wait to perform it.

What would be your biggest piece of advice to any performers coming to Edinburgh for the first time?

Make sure you are ready! Be totally in love with your show because a month is a long time. Be proud of what you have put together. And personally, don’t read reviews!

Whoever else are you most excited to see in Edinburgh this year?

Marek Larwood is doing he’s first solo show. Seymour Mace and Gareth Richards always make me laugh.

What’s been your most memorable festival experience?

Getting to the final of the Amused Moose Laugh-off competition that I co-wrote and performed in last year.

Any favourite Scottish word/phrase?

As long as they don’t say “boo”, then all of their words are great!

What would be your best tip for any punters coming to their first Fringe?

Take a gamble of things you have never heard off. Listen to the word of mouth instead of looking at reviews. And if you enjoyed it, tell as many people as you can.

And finally, when/where/how can we see your show?

Gilded Balloon, Sportsmen, 5:45pm every day except the 13th August.

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