Tom Binns as Ian D. Montfort ***** Metro

Dead Funny

 The joke is well and truly on us in the return of Sunderland’s favourite psychic, brought hysterically to life by character comedian Tom Binns. Dressed casually in a white shirt, floral embroidered jeans and comfy sandals, which presumably help to channel dead celebrities who will be his spirit guides tonight, Montfort calmly moves back and forth around the room delivering messages from the other side.

At first, it’s all a bit of a hoot as Montfort fishes shamelessly for answers, ending almost every utterance with a soothing, ‘Does this make sense to you?’ to which the response is invariably, ‘No’.

But once his predictions start to hit their mark, correctly guessing people’s names, where they went on holiday and even the last three digits of their mobile phone number, the uproarious laughter is quickly supplanted by surprised gasps and spontaneous applause.

Every spooky statement is delivered tongue in cheek – Montfort’s solution to one couple’s dwarf poltergeist is priceless – building to an astonishing finale that leaves everyone in the audience shaking their heads in disbelief. Montfort has certainly got the tricks but his show is an absolute treat.

Damon Smith 16/8/11

For more info on the show go to Tom Binns’ show page

To Buy tickets go to The Pleasance Website

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