John Lynn **** The List

Peggy Hughes gave John Lynn **** in The List yesterday! She said,

Affable comic story-telling with a neat turn of phrase

No matter his subject material, which ranges in profundity from colonoscopies to making the perfect tomato and cheese sandwich, the roguish Lynn is able to mould it into a melodious, charming yarn. An affable, natural performer, he’ll send you away with memorable phrasing that you’ll regurgitate to yourself in moments of despair.

The List 15/8/11

John also got a review in Chortle a few days ago that said,

“John Lynn is absolutely compelling,  I don’t think he even needs the stage to hold your attention, like the Ancient Mariner, you wouldn’t  be able to tear yourself away from his yarns if he buttonholed you in a pub.  He’s got an easy delivery, that like the late, great Dave Allen, can explode with angry, eyeball popping intensity.

He constructs a great anecdote, nothing fanciful, but life embroidered to the max.  The parlous state of the Irish economy, being unemployed, teacher training,  the kids (and exploitation thereof),  relationships, chasing the your dreams,  the stress placed on a good relationship by sharing with your single, troglodytic mates…

He was hugely entertaining giving an impression of his ex being utterly drunk (Shades of Dylan Moran demonstrating intoxication, if you need a point of reference, but still completely John Lynn)…  If you want some intense and interesting Irish comedy, more forceful than beguiling froth, this is worth your attention.”

Julia Chamberlain 13/8/11 online at

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