Hannah Gadsby **** Scotsgay

Hannah Gadsby – Mrs. Chuckles
Gilded Balloon Teviot

Gadsby ambles on stage like she’s accidentally walked in off the street, making herself and an audience member a cup of tea. This sets the pace of the next hour, as Gadsby drifts into an incredulous observational narrative on the developmental aftermath of growing up in a small town.  Gadsby describes herself as ‘starting off with 60%, often less … like merging a bicycle onto the highway’ and the audience are loving it. As she hands round jammy dodgers and tunnocks teacakes, she talks about her fascination with first impressions and final words, ‘I’m bad at both!’

Gadsby has practically trademarked this brand of lackadaisical, almost accidental humour which is so intrinsically part of her persona.  She amuses us with detailed glimpses into her childhood – ‘I didn’t meet a stranger til I was 7 years old”, and how much of her youth was spent ‘hanging out with 70 year olds for biscuits.’ She seamlessly drops in edgy humour, ‘masturbating into a bread roll’  and how her favourite words are ‘cunt and biscuits. But not necessarily in that order’. We’re regaled with lively tales of Gadsby’s travels to Vietnam, ‘they hadn’t seen the likes of me – a half man/half woman/big assed creature …’ terrifying local kids with donald duck impressions and her attempts at becoming more socially evolved.   The show starts and ends discussing the importance of one’s final spoken words, and there’s some fascinating research uncovered into both famous and ordinary peoples’ last words … something which Gadsby has an affinity with, and by the end of the show she reveals what she hopes her final words will be. With great audience interaction, especially aimed at latecomers and people whose phones go off! (you know who you are, Jesus!)

A fascinating glimpse into life in a small town; with a sociological overview of how butch lesbians are received around the globe! All the while kept light with some of the sharpest observational wit this fest. Gadsby is like a cross between a custard cream and a jaffa cake – comfortable, easy to enjoy yet with an edgy sting that will leave you wanting more.  In the last week of the festival, Gadsby will be performing 2 daily shows at the Gilded – one at 2pm and the current one at 4.45pm.


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