Ian D. Montfort picked by the Guardian & The Times as Best of the Festival

The Guardian online and the Times+ Online have announced their picks for this years Edinburgh Festival, choosing just a few gems from all the different genres of arts and entertainment that Edinburgh has to offer.

In the comedy section of the Guardian’s choices, alongside Phil Jupitus and Comedy Award winner Tim Key, they highlight Tom Binn’s character Ian D. Montfort,

“Taking the mickey out of spiritualism is obvious – but funny. Tom Binns’s masterstroke is to couple his Montfort character with actual clairvoyant ability, or at least, a talent for simulating it.”

Check out the full list online at Guardian.co.uk


The Times+ says in its Top Comedy Pick The Times section,

‘This psychic from Sunderland, as played by character comic Binns (Ivan Brackenbury’s Hospital Radio Roadshow), was the nicest surprise of last year’s Fringe: an uncanny spoof that also featured some jaw-dropping mind magic. The joke is, Binns can actually do the job. But he’d rather mock it. ‘

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