Gravity Boots

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Gravity Boots:

Snakes Pretending to be Seatbelts directed by Paul Foot

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Ant theatre, frenzy whippings, and upside-down window monsters. Gravity Boots present a super sleen (not a real word) absurd hour, with everything from blind geese to mermen, and the ill-fated tale of the boy who lived in a pot of water.

Gravity Boots is a surreal comedy duo from Adelaide, Australia. The show, Snakes Pretending to be Seatbelts is written and performed by James Lloyd-Smith and Michael Cleggett, with music from Austin Harrison-Bray. James and Michael met at Flinders University when they were both studying acting.

Since this time they have worked on their own brand of surreal comedy-theatre: performing off-fringe at Gluttony 2011 in Adelaide, creating monthly shows, and debuting at the Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringe in 2012.

It was during their debut in Edinburgh that they met odd person Paul Foot, who then offered to direct their 2013 show. Following a successful Adelaide 2013, the duo have been performing experimental shows, pushing what is funny and disturbing into a new awkward place in preparation for Edinburgh Fringe 2013.

All of this work has been the roasting hot oven baking the chicken pie that is Gravity Boots’ new show. Storybook sketches, songs, ridiculous lies performed as truth, and thousands of snakes falling from the ceiling.

“If I did a sketch it’d be Gravity Boots” – Paul Foot 

“It shouldn’t really work at all…yet it’s done with an immense charm”Chortle

“If you like your Fringe shows weird, strangely charming and need a comedic break, then check out Gravity Boots.” – Adelaide Advertiser 

“Their writing confidently straddles the line that separates the bizarre and the absurd, but it’s always in the region of gut-bustingly funny… a joy to behold” Festival Freak

Venue: Gilded Balloon

Dates: 31st July – 26th August (Not 12th)

Time: 17:15

Buy Tickets Online from Fringe or Gilded Balloon

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