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The List Talks High Art and Comedy with Hannah Gadsby

The List‘s Jon Richardson today considers the fine line between High Art and Comedy, Hannah says,

“Stand-up and qualified art curator Hannah Gadsby. She’s conducted humorous general gallery tours in her native Australia, but for the Fringe she’s straddling a fine line of reverence and mockery of representations of the Virgin Mary. Densely researched, Mary. Contrary is a ‘serious lecture that I tell in a more irreverent manner with jokes and a few personal stories thrown in. Because it’s slightly heavier subject matter than normal, the laughs are easier to extract.’

Her lectures draw those who ‘want to see a different kind of comedy, people who are genuinely into art but intimidated by gallery spaces and those who like feeling superior to other people’. And she hopes to encourage more critical art appraisal. ‘It’s important they take whatever they want from art and if they think something’s rubbish, that’s a perfectly valid response. A gallery or a big comedy venue doesn’t automatically convey merit; art should elicit emotion and whether that’s good, bad or indifferent, people need to trust their initial instincts. But laugh at mine!’”

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