Comedians are Mentalists

The Times have printed their Fringe Roundup, listing everything from the best and brightest to the most quirky shows and stories from this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Here’s one of their picks (including the incredible Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort)

Comedians are mentalists

Which is to say, you can see the influence of Derren Brown all over town. Not just in the actual magic acts, but comedians such as the character comic Nick Mohammed (amazing maths tricks), Nina Conti (whose puppet Granny reads an audience member’s mind), Sam Fletcher and, most of all, Ian D Montfort, a spoof psychic from Sunderland. He made a stunning Fringe debut two years ago, but last year his creator Tom Binns got too taken with the tricks at the expense of the comedy. This years is once again a near-perfect mix of mockery – Binns never lets you forget that Montfort and his ilk prey on the credulous: standing in his turquoise kung-fu pants, he proudly tells us that he is “UK spokesperson for the Pseudo Sciences” – and some genuinely jaw-dropping mind-reading stunts. He has his cake and eats it. Always a good trick.

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