Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort – Picked by The Guardian

Need any more of an excuse to go and see Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort – Unbelievable in The Cabaret Bar at The Pleasance ever day this august.. well now the Guardian have picked him alongside Alan Davis and The Horne Section as their highlight of the week,

“It’s a strange week for comedy, this, as acts up and down the land grit their teeth and nerve themselves for the Edinburgh Festival fringe. We’ll be covering this year’s roster in spectacular detail next Saturday, but, for now, allow us to draw your attention in advance to one performer who stretches the boundaries of character comedy in unexpected and utterly delightful ways. Ian D Montfort is a self-described spirit medium, whose act involves reaching over to “the other side” and relaying messages from dead celebrities to his audience. It’s the sort of fare that gets offered for real in theatres nationwide as well as on some of the more outlandish digital channels, and it’s here deconstructed and mocked superbly by talented comedian Tom Binns. In his previous incarnation as hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury, Binns scored big laughs from his character’s incompetence. As Montfort, he’s just as funny, using the softly spoken manipulative tools of the conman spiritualist.”

Pleasance Courtyard, Wed to 27 Aug


Buy Tickets HERE

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