Michael Downey chats with The New Current

“Michael Downey worked within the accountancy profession but the fact he had a personality got him thrown out. He wrote some really hilarious material and was given writing credit on the BBC’s Stand-Up Show. Consequentially someone suggested that Michael attempt stand up comedy.”

This is a glorious return to stand up from Downey after his serious car accident nearly 10 years ago, and this was after he made it to the the BBC and the finals of “So You Think You’re Funny” finals alongside Alan Carr, Russell Howard & John Bishop. Coming back to the comedy circuit after what he has gone through this has not been easy for him and the opportunity to see his first solo show can not be missed. More information about Michael’s show can be found at the end of his interview.

Hey how’s it going, you all prepared for Edinburgh Fringe?

Pretty much but having problems with underwear: number of pairs, styles, density. Thankfully I have four weeks to sort it out, would you have Gok Wan’s number?

How have the previews been going?

Great but I have to be guarded as they are previews and people’s expectations are lower then they would be at the festival. I don’t think people write reviews about previews so you are less worried that someone won’t like your show because you’ve got a beard, that you’re left handed, that you’re wearing a blue shirt or that your show isn’t their cup of tea.

Tell us a little bit about your show, what can we expect?

It’s very good and you can expect it to be very good.

How much time goes into planning a Fringe show?

I would have started last November with planning what needed to be put in and trying to decide what shape I wanted the finished show to have. If only I had thought about underpants back then I would be less under pressure now.

How did the show come about, what has been the process?

Well I started doing comedy 12 years ago, I had a major car crash just over 10 years ago and I’ve gotten back into comedy in the last 2.5-3 years.

Edinburgh Fringe is the granddaddy of Fringe Festivals what does it mean to you to be able to come and perform here?

It’s my first ever solo show so that in itself is a triumph for me. Bringing the show to Edinburgh is like launching a boat and hoping that you hadn’t forgotten to plug all the holes.

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Michael is doing preview shows,

14th of July in The Twisted Pepper as part of the 10 days in Dublin

15th in the International, Dublin

18th in the Ha’penny, Dublin

For full details of Michael’s show, click the link below

Michael Downey – Is Standing Up Again 

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