Hannah Gadsby – Mary. Contrary. **** Three Weeks

Everyone is talking about Hannah Gadsby’s ‘unintentionally’ hilarious Art Lecture on the Virgin Mary, there is only one more performance of it today and it just got another 4 Star Review!

Hannah Gadsby – Mary. Contrary.
EdCom & Dick The Horse

Taking the form of an art history lecture about the Virgin Mary, ‘Mary. Contrary.’ is an interesting and humorous way to spend an hour. Former art history student Hannah Gadsby shares her passion for religious art that depicts everyone’s favourite virgin. Not a promising topic for an hour’s comedy, you might think, but Gadsby’s enthusiastic and offbeat take on the paintings under discussion ensures plenty of laughs. She clearly knows her stuff, too, with some of the best gags coming from her merciless dissection of the artists’ abilities. Occasionally her passion for her subject results in too much art and not enough gags, but these moments are few and far between. This is a funny, intelligent and charming show.

Guilded Balloon Teviot, 17 – 26 Aug (not 20 – 23), 2.00pm (3.00pm), £8.00 – £12.00, fpp 85.
tw rating 4/5

Three Weeks

Read Hannah’s 4 Star from The Scotsman review for Mary. Contrary. Here

Or, buy tickets for the last show today at 2pm here!

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