Ian D. Montfort – Comics with “a little something extra up their sleeves” in The Observer on Sunday

The Guardian‘s Observer on Sunday reviewed Tom Binn’s newest incarnation Ian D. Montfort today In an article that lists comics who offer something a little more special than straight stand-up, Stephanie Merritt said,

“Since retiring his award-nominated amateur DJ Ivan Brackenbury, character comic Tom Binns has found new success in the guise of spirit medium Ian D Montfort (Spirit Comedium, Pleasance). Simply spoofing this dodgy profession offers plenty of comedic scope on its own (“There’s a lady here,” Montfort says earnestly, eyes closed, “who’s either thinking about losing weight or has just lost some weight…”), but what makes this show so compelling is that Binns has learned the genuine tricks of the trade, so that laughter turns to astonished gasps as he appears to receive real information about audience members from their chosen dead celebrity. There are some lovely moments – “Is anyone here thinking of Ernie Wise? Anyone?” Pause. “No one again, Ernie, sorry. Next time, bring Eric with you” – and, as with Brackenbury, the details of the character are beautifully observed, down to the embroidered jeans and flip-flops. This is a superbly original idea, skilfully executed – an affectionate debunking of the genre that also admires the cleverness of its deceptions.”

Read the who of the article here

Learn More about Tom Binns as Ian D. Montfort – Spirit Comedium on his show page

And buy tickets from the Pleasance









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