And Thats A Wrap.

It’s the end of August which means that the Edinburgh Festival is over for another year. And what a month it has been! We at Edcom would like to congratulate all of our acts for 2010, who collectively achieved over 200 star ratings from various publications. It was an absolute pleasure working with all of you and we hope to see you back in Edinburgh next year.

We would also like to thank all of the venues that hosted our acts for the month, and the people within those venues for their cooperation and patience in making this of all months go as smoothly as possible.

A final mention goes out to the management and production team of Edcom for all the hard work and hours they put in towards this festival, and for been the generally lovely people that they are.

Edinburgh, you can be an incredibly cruel mistress but to be honest we wouldn’t have you any other way. Until next year thats a big thankyou from us at Edcom, we’ll see you all again in 11 months!

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