The Brothers Streep **** ‘The New Current’

Nige from student mag ‘The New Current’ had some fantastic things to say about South African duo The Brothers Streep. You can read about them in this FOUR STAR review!

The Brothers Streep


The New Current

A South African duo The Brothers Street bring a new style and fresh ideas to the now very popular music/comedy shows at The Fringe. Their show was in a small overly hot room at Gilded Balloon and their show had the audience in stitches and at one point swaying. They won over the crowd and one thing was certain The Brother’s Streep are fast becoming a 2010 fringe favourite.

Their music was more creative and smoothly written than some of the other acts like theirs at the fringe. With topics ranging from a song about Disney Princess to their Ode to Anna Paquin the Brothers where really able to show the audience what they where about and just where their music and comedy where coming from. Their Anna Paquin song was actually sung to Anna when she was on The Graham Norton Show and they have been building up an international following ever since.

Musical comedy isn’t easy to do and some of the acts that we have seen have either been able to do it, and do it will, whilst others have been somewhat lacklustre. This, I have deduced, is down to the performers ability to write songs that are simply songs that can stand up on their own. The badder of these types of shows are like poets who write a poem but try to hard to make it rhyme. That’s like music comedy, it doesn’t have to have punchlines and such in every line.

Simon and Dylan manage to make their songs stand up as songs, they are well written, wonderfully accompanied by their acoustic guitar strumming, and performed with a good humour. One of the highlights of the show came from their Pirates themed four minute opera which was amazing, and when Simon came into the audience and sat in the front row and got the whole audience to sway, was pretty ace to see!

Their comedy did sometimes play second fiddle to their music and their performances together. Unlike their songs their jokes or sketches in-between was more conversation than stand up and they remained funny and engaging – and at times rather sweet. Towards the end of their show they tell us a story about how they got to come to the Fringe on the back of the Anna Paquin song, a New Zealand springfree trampoline company agreed to sponsor them if they wrote them as song. Looking at their flyer the guys didn’t lie.

This was a fringe debut from a duo who really knew how much it meant to them to be able to perform at the Fringe festival. They gave the show their all with great songs and beautiful banter these guys really know how to make an impression. The Brothers Streep are a music comedy duo like no other!’

The Brothers Streep are performing at the Gilded Balloon at 6.15 everyday. You can buy tickets for their show here.

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