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Michael Downey Review – The List

Michael Downey: Standing Up Again

Dry and wry comeback after serious road crash

In 2002 when Downey was driving to Dublin for a gig he was involved in a head-on collision with another car. At the time he was a stand-up making his mark on the circuit, a regular at the Comedy Cellar in Dublin and he’d reached the final of the BBC New Comedy Award the previous year alongside Alan Carr. Seven-and-a-half years after the accident he made a return to stand-up and this is his first solo show. Given that he broke several bones in various places, suffered a head injury and was in a coma for ten days it’s a wonder that the only evidence of Downey’s accident hat shows on stage is his very slightly impaired speech and occasional moments of amnesia. One thing’s for certain, he hasn’t lost his sense of humour. It’s with a wry and dry wit that he relates the story of his somewhat put-upon girlfriend, shows clips of himself before the accident and describes his relief that he hadn’t turned out to be a vegetable after all: ‘I didn’t like vegetables.’

Marissa Burgess


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Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort **** The Telegraph

“Tom Binns’s Ian D Montfort is a spoof spiritualist medium who puts audience members in contact with people they’ve never met, such as Michael Jackson or Jesus, because celebrities are more interesting than their loved ones who have “passed”. All the tropes of he trade are mercilessly lampooned inĀ Unbelievable: the vague questions (“Is there a lady on Facebook”), pseudo-science and stabs in the dark. “Does Susan Walker mean anything… or Sue who likes to walk?” A lot depends on the audience being up for the joke, but this is a show that passes all too quickly.”